Cushion Edge Pads

September 19, 2017

PMCE Pro-Mold Backboard Padding is designed for your indoor basketball equipment. ADP’s Pro Mold bolt on backboard padding is the best choice to use for protecting your players. ADP’s backboard padding gives you the unmatched combination that is soft to the touch and still durable enough to last. ADP’s padding passes any flexibility test. It can bend any direction and the corners do not tear. It is designed with double sided backboard padding that is 2 inches thick. It has urethane foam that protects the players while the skin molding process will protect the padding. Each half of the padding is 36 inches long and will allow for 15 inches to run up the side of the rectangular backboard. Both halves are symmetrical, which allow the pieces to be used on both the right hand side as well as the left hand side of the backboard. Each half section is able to be bolted to all 72 inch official glass backboards that have a width of 2 inches.

The solid color design will not fade or be able to be scratched off. There are sixteen colors to choose from, so whether purchasing these for your home, your school or gym, we have the perfect color combinations to match the color scheme you are looking for. It can be purchased in the following colors:

*Royal Blue

*Navy Blue

*Kelly Green

*Forest Green











*Awareness Pink

*Columbia Blue

The padding will fit any 72 inch backboard with a 2 inch channel. Installation is simple and easy. The durable bolt hardware and sag resistant center rod are included with the backboard padding. By having the bolt on design it is guaranteed that you will never have to re-glue it or re-tape it ever again. The backboard padding comes with only one product at a time, so if you are looking for padding for a basketball court, you would need to order two items. The mounting hardware is included when purchasing the backboard padding. THE ADP’s backboard padding meets all FIBA, NCAA, NBA, NFHS and CSPC specifications.

There is a 10 year limited warranty associated with the backboard padding. It protects against any defects in material or factory workmanship. It does not cover any damages caused by improper installation of the backboard padding, or the using of the equipment for purposes other than what it was designed for. It also will not cover anything if the equipment has been altered and is not in its original state, or if the equipment has been misused or abused. If a defect in the material for factory workmanship does occur during the warranty period, simply notify the company in writing as soon as possible. Be sure to include your proof of purchase and purchase date and installation date if different. ADP will then, at their discretion, repair or replace the defective equipment at no additional cost to you. You will, however, be responsible for the shipping and installation costs.