ADP Lemco

5MOT001, 5MOT005

Motor Hoist w/ Standard 3" Clamp

Basketball Motor Hoist with Key Switch is the recommended approach to raise and lower your gymnasium equipment. The Motor Hoist's drive has no hazardous belts or pulleys. High quality metal apparatuses. Indicated to consistently keep running at the most extreme evaluated weight of 1250 lbs (566 kg) for the Motor Hoist's appraised obligation cycle of 20 minutes without supporting any rigging harm.

Our tests demonstrate that metal apparatuses reliably beat different materials (particularly plastic) under strenuous conditions. Our Limit Switch Mechanism makes setting the limits a breeze for installers. When set appropriately, the point of confinement switch won't lose its basic settings because of vibration or ecological conditions. Capable, Powerful 3/4 HP engine (UL Listed) is administered to slow down at 14 amps. Expansive notched drum guarantees long link life and appropriate winding. Exact sections and pressure roller ensure adjust link following, even in slack conditions.

Provided with single key switch and stainless steel cover. Electrician needs to  supply all channel, wiring, intersection boxes, and different parts not recorded previously.