ADP Lemco

Cannon Sports 617

Basketball Net (White)

Introducing the ADP Lemco Basketball Net - your ultimate choice for competitive and confident play, whether indoors or outdoors. This regulation size 21-inch net is designed to fit all standard size rims, featuring a sturdy 7-knot construction and a 12-loop design for easy installation.

Crafted with a silky-smooth textured rope, this durable net is made of 120 thread count nylon braided material, ensuring both longevity and water-resistance. Its 6-millimeter thickness and 100-gram weight make it ideal for kids, adults, youth sports, P.E. classes, and recreational basketball leagues.

Upgrade your basketball experience effortlessly by replacing damaged nets at gyms and parks or adding a fresh net to your brand-new home hoop. Whether practicing with your team, enjoying a game of horse in the driveway, or playing pick-up games at the park, hear the satisfying sound of every sweet swish.

Transform any gymnasium or playground into an NBA arena with the Cannon Sports Basketball Net - your reliable, all-weather companion for hours of playtime.