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ADP Full Wall Magnetic Whiteboard

September 19, 2017

ADP Full Wall Magnetic Whiteboard

When you purchase a ADP Full Wall Magnetic Whiteboard you are giving yourself endless options in regards to mounting styles and configurations. You can choose from horizontal, to vertical, to railroad, to framed and unframed. There are multiple possibilities available that will suit the space you need it for. ADP is crafted from a magnetic porcelain coated aluminized steel that provides the ultimate flexibility. It can be mounted on pillars, on curved walls and a variety of other surfaces. When the product is unrolled, the lightweight alloy surface will remain flat, making installation very easy. The ADP brand can be overlapped or butted together, which will provide you with nearly invisible seams in every location. It has an alloy surface, which is extremely durable. It was cleanly erase any marking, even after heavy use. Other whiteboards can be easily stained with frequent use over a short period of time and will be difficult to clean. But with ADP’s surface, you can take comfort in knowing that your board will maintain the clean, fresh look. ADP’s board will not be affected by ghosting, or keep past images that won’t erase. It is not affected with having a foggy appearance as is the case with many other boards. It is available in gloss white or matte gray to suit your needs. It has an enhanced projection clarity and gives off a minimum glare. ADP gives off virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds, thus ensuring the quality of the air indoors is improved. There are trim options available upon request. There are clips that can be installed to the surface and then you can attach the trim to give you a clean and finished appearance. It comes with a fifty year limited warranty and it has achieved GREENGUARD GOLD in certification.  It is recommended that you hire a professional to install your product. It is installed with a double stick adhesive application. It is sold per linear foot and is four feet in height. When purchasing, it is available in quantities of 3 or more pieces.