The Safestop Safety Locking Strap

September 19, 2017

The Safstop Safety Locking Strap is the standard in the industry for overhead gymnasium safety. It will protect your facility, your players and even your fans. This product has been tested and designed to catch a backstop in case of the winch, pulley, support fitting or the cable failing. Any sudden motion of speed resulting from failure, it will instantly lock Safstop and hold the backstop in any position. The Safstop Safety Locking Strap functions during storage, raising and the lowering of backstops. It is manufactured in a unique way. It uses a multi-pawl design with an inertia plate that will prevent structures from falling, should the unit fail. The locking mechanism is set within a cast of aluminum housing. It attaches to a fixed position on the ceiling or to a wall mounted backstop. It has a universal mounting clamp that will allow for the installation to be parallel or ninety degrees to the backboard. Its’ positive locking steel pawls will  simultaneously engage the teeth in the all steel plate housing. The Safstop is attached to a 3.5 inch O.D. overhead superstructure that has a universal mounting bracket for tubing parallel or perpendicular to the unit. It has a 2 inch wide nylon belt that maintains a strength of 7300 pounds and can extend up to 35 feet. This belt is attached to the backstop frame using a buckle connection. Another feature that the Safstop has is that it has an automatic spring loaded reset and will not require electricity in order to be operational.

The Safstop has been rated for 1000 pounds. It has been tested to hold 1500 pounds. However, this does not insure that other components, such as the building structure will withstand that thrust load.

The product is nineteen pounds.

The Safstop Safety Locking Strap It comes with a five year factory warranty that protects against defects in the material or the factory workmanship. The warranty does not cover any losses or damages that may be caused from improper installation, using the equipment for any purpose other than which it was intended for, unauthorized alterations or modifications to the equipment, or abuse or misuse of the equipment. If a defect if discovered in the materials or workmanship, is it important that you immediately contact ADP in writing. You must include your proof of purchase, the purchase date and the installation date. ADP will repair or replace the defective equipment as long as it is within the parameters that were previously stated. There will be no cost to the consumer to repair or replace the item, but the consumer will be responsible for the shipping and installation costs. The warranty states, “In no event shall ADP be liable for any incidental or consequential damages relating to, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the equipment, including and without limitation, any labor and/or other installation expenses incurred in connection with the replacement of the defective equipment warranted hereunder, or any other indirect damages with respect to loss of revenue or profits.