Multi Directional Breakaway Goal

September 19, 2017

ADP’s line of Breakaway Rims offer high quality craftsmanship that will fit every players need and facility’s need. The International MDG Multi Directional breakaway Goal with Nylon Net can be used from the pro arenas to your local gym. All of the competition rims share the basic feature of a 3/8 inch single ring goal with strengthening full steel wing braces. The goal will deflect in degrees according to the applied pressure it gets from any position around the goal ring. The goal will have the ring size of 17.75 inches and a diameter of ¾ inch steel with tube tie net attachment. It has CPSC tested orange powder coating, along with an adjustable internal spring and a breakaway mechanism, which all meet the NBA, NCAA and NFHS specifications. The hole patterns that it has allows it to be nearly universally compatible with all other 42 inch by 72 inch backboards, regardless of who manufactures them. It also will accommodate the rectangular and fan shaped backboards. Each rim has been engineered to match different facility’s needs, such as positive lock pressure settings, net attachment type and fly back control. Every rim is shipped with the mounting hardware and also the anti-whip net.

ADP’s International MDG Multi Directional Breakaway Goal contains the following features:

*It has an exclusive 3 way positive lock mechanism that makes it the top pick for any facility that is looking for a non-traditional breakaway rim

*The MDG will not dangerously break upward if a player happens to inadvertently hit it from underneath the ring. This feature helps put the safety of the players first.

*It has an internal sophisticated torque mechanism that will withstand the harshness of constant and high energy play.

*The rim has a tube-tie net attachment that will help lengthen the life of the anti-whip nets

*Meets all the NCAA, NFHS and NAIA specifications

*The adjustable positive lock mechanism is in accordance with the NCAA rim elasticity rule.

*It has a 4 inch by 5 inch hole spacing

*It weighs 24 pounds.

The breakaway goal has a five year warranty attached to it that will protect against defects in the material or the factory workmanship. The warranty does not cover damages that are caused by improper installation of the equipment, using the equipment for purposes other than for which it was designed for, unauthorized alterations or modifications to the equipment, or abuse or misuse of the equipment. If you happen to discover a defect in any of the materials associated with the breakaway goal, you must quickly notify the ADP in writing. You must include your proof of purchase, your purchase date and the installation date if they differ. ADP will then repair or replace the defective equipment at no cost to you, as long as it falls within the parameters of their specifications. There will be no cost to the consumer to repair or replace the items. The consumer will be responsible for the shipping and installation costs associated with the product.