The Electric Hoist with Key Strip

September 19, 2017

The Electric Hoist with Key Strip is a tool that allows you to raise and lower your gym equipment in the most convenient way. This is an effective tool for basketball backstops that are hung from the ceiling and also ones that are swing up and mounted to the wall.  It provides a direct drive that does not have any dangerous belts or pulleys. The gears are metal, which provide maximum strength.  Being equipped with hardened steel worm gears allows it to take on radial and thrust loads. It is designed to run continuously at the maximum rated load of 1250 pounds. The motor is rated to do a cycle of twenty minutes without bearing any damages to the gears.  Studies have shown that when metal gears are used, they consistently perform better than other similar products that undergo the same persistent conditions. Metal gears have been shown to seriously outperform similar products that are manufactured in plastic. It is equipped with a limit switch, which allows for easy programming for the installers. Once the limit switch is properly set, none of the settings will change due to vibrations that may occur or due to any environmental conditions. The limit switch has heavy duty upper and lower limit switches. It also has gears driven for high accuracy. The maximum travel for the limit switch is 55 feet.  At 14 amps, the ¾ Horse Power instantly reversing motor, is set to stall. The motor has 1325 rpm instant reversing and low maximum current draw design. Included are a 6 foot power cord and a 4 prong twist lock plug that is rated for 20 Amps of service. The plug is certified to full amperage disconnect capability. It is designed with a large grooved drum which will provide long cable life and proper coiling. With the crafted design of the precise grooves and tension rollers, it is guaranteed to have correct cable tracking, even if the conditions may become slack. It is supported on a larger diameter of ball bearings that are through the drum rope anchoring. The double reduction worm gear has positive locking, which makes it designed for a strong hold under load. The pressure roller provides constant pressure with torsion spring mounting that will provide even pressure on the rope during the winding process.  It is known to provide a lifetime of maintenance free operation due to the sealer gear case that has precision ball bearings as well as a premium seal. It is equipped with a single key switch and has a stainless steel cover. The electric hoist works with ¼” Diameter 7x19 galvanized aircraft cable. The rope is designed to travel 30 feet on one layer and an additional 25 feet on the second layer. Not included with the Electric Hoist with Key switch are the conduit, wiring, and junction boxes. The mounting can be done in any position so as to provide as much flexibility as possible during the installation. The electrical contractor who will install this product will supply these items.